Signs that your SEO strategy is not working

If not implemented correctly, SEO strategies can fail. Failure means you are losing money and time in the long run.This article gives some signs that your SEO strategy may be failing.

1) You don’t know what keywords people use when searching online

If you want to rank well on Google or other search engines, you need to understand precisely which words people type into their browsers when they look for products like yours. The more relevant terms you target with your content, the higher up in the rankings you’ll appear.

2) Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

Google has made clear its intention to make sure all websites work equally well across different devices. That’s why Google now uses “mobile friendliness” as part of its ranking algorithm. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling shoes or cars – if your site looks bad on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, chances are customers won’t buy from you.

3) People aren’t clicking through to your pages

You’ve spent hours creating great content, but no one seems interested? Or maybe you get lots of traffic but only a few clicks through to your sales page? Either way, this could mean there’s something wrong with your landing page design.

4) Visitors bounce off your site too soon

You might think that having a lot of visitors is always a positive thing, but if most of them leave after just a couple of seconds, it probably means your site needs improvement. Try adding videos, images, or even interactive elements to keep users engaged longer.

5) No conversions

It sounds obvious, but if you haven’t seen any sign of success yet, it could simply be because you haven’t been optimizing enough. To increase conversion rates, focus on improving user experience, making navigation easy, and ensuring your call-to-action buttons stand out clearly.


SEO is essential for every business, regardless of size. But if you notice any of these five warning signs, it’s likely your current approach isn’t delivering the best possible return on investment. So take action today and start implementing changes to improve your overall performance.